• Green Acres Middle School / National School Walkout Day / March 14, 2018

    Sponsored by the Student Government Association

    The students at Green Acres Middle School plan to participate in the March 14th 'Walkout to End Gun Violence.'  At 10:00 a.m., students and staff will exit the building for 18 minutes to honor the lives of the 17 students and teachers who died in the recent Florida school shooting, and an additional minute to honor Huffman High School student Courtlin Arrington. We commend our students for taking a stand on an issue that has touched our nation, our city and our school system. We have formal guidelines that will direct our participation, and plans that will ensure that the walkout remains civil, safe and orderly. Student participation is voluntary and students who do not wish to participate will remain inside the building under staff supervision. Teaching and learning is our core business, and this event provides a teachable moment for students to learn the power of their individual voices in our society. We are asking students to wear purple or orange shirts with uniform pants (black or blue).