Kindergarten Beginning School Newsletter 2019-2020

     Dear Parents,

    Welcome to Kindergarten!  I look forward to working with each of you to make this year an exciting learning experience for your child.  Below is a list of pertinent information that will be of help throughout the school year.


    • School begins at 8:00 am. Please remember that your child will be marked tardy if he/she is not in the classroom when the 8 o'clock bell rings.
    • Please do not bring your child to the classroom in the morning before the school day starts. All early arrivals are expected to stay in the kindergarten hallway with assigned teachers until the morning dismissal bell rings.  If your child is eating breakfast he/she will need to go to the lunchroom first.

    Attendance:  Absent/Tardy

    • If your child is absent or tardy, please send a written excuse when he/she returns. If an excuse is not received, the absence or tardy will remain  coded “unexcused" on the class and school records.  Only 10 handwritten excuses will be accepted for the entire school year.  Other excuses will have to come from a doctor or be on an official form from the appointment the child attended that prevented him/her from attending school.  Excessive tardiness, absences, and early checkouts can lead to truancy issues which will be checked on by the Birmingham Board of Education Attendance Department.  This can lead to the parent or guardian having to go to court.
    • Early check-outs in the afternoon become a part of your child’s school attendance record.


    • Each student will need a clear or mesh backpack. To ensure the safety of all students, bookbags which cannot be seen through are not permitted.


    • We cannot have birthday parties at school.

    Communication Folder

    • Please be sure that your child returns his Parent/Teacher Communication Folder each day. All notes, papers, and announcements to and from school will be sent in this folder. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S FOLDER DAILY.


    • Conferences cannot be held during the class instructional time. If you need to talk with me please send a note to me, call the office (231-5800) and leave a message, or email me at mpollard@bhm.k12.al.us.  I will return your call or respond to your email when the students are in Unified Arts & PE or after dismissal.  If you would like a parent-teacher conference, please send a note requesting a conference schedule.
    • I would like to request that you PLEASE NOT ATTEMPT to talk with me during class instructional time. This disrupts the class and is not fair to the children or the teacher.


    • School dismisses at 3:00 each day. Children who are car riders are dismissed directly from the gym.  All children should be picked up by 3:15. Once the students get used to dismissal routines, the car line will begin to move much quicker. If your child’s dismissal method changes, please put it in writing and send it to the school.  For the safety of each child, I will not change daily dismissal methods without a note from home or a notification from the office.

    Dress Code

    • Students are no longer required to wear uniforms. However, there are some items of clothing that cannot be worn such as:  sandals, ripped jeans, sleeveless shirts, and light up shoes. You may want to keep a sweater in your child’s backpack, especially if he/she gets cold easily. 

    Field Trips

    • Throughout the year we will go on field trips. Younger siblings and children, who are not in Huffman Academy kindergarten, are not allowed on class field trips.  Field trip privileges may be revoked due to behavior.


    • Homework will begin the first week of September. On regular school weeks, homework will come home on Monday and is due back on Friday of each week.


    • All students will be assigned lunch codes. Once your child has been given a code, please help your child to memorize their code.
    • You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child. Our class lunch time is 10:40-11:10am.

    Money sent to school:

    • All monies should be sent in an envelope or ziploc bag with the child's name and the person's name to whom it should be given on the outside (e.g. snack, P.T.O., office, field trip, etc.) in the daily folder.

    Notes to teacher:

    • Please send any notes, forms, excuses, etc., in your child's school communication pocket folder. Please check this folder daily.  All written communication from school will be sent home in this folder.  After the 2nd full week of school, I will no longer check backpacks for notes.

    Report Cards

    • Kindergarten Report cards will change this year from the previous year.  I will send a note later in regards to the grading system that will be used.

    Rest Time: 

    • Each day, kindergarten students will rest at their seats for a short time (10-15 minutes).


    • If your child is sick and/or running a fever, please do not send him/her to school. The teacher cannot give medicine to students (not even a cough drop or Chap Stick). All medication should be taken to the office along with a medical form completed by a doctor.  These forms may be picked up from the office or you may send me a note and I'll send one home in your child's mail folder.
    • When a student becomes ill during school hours, the teacher will send the student to the school nurse who will notify the parent of the illness. Parents must come to the school office and check out the student before removing the student from school grounds.


    • We have a snack time daily. Each child will need to bring their own snack from home.  No soda or juice allowed. Students may purchase items from the lunchroom for snack (gummies 25 cents, chips 50 cents, Rice Krispy treats (50 cents or $1.00 depending on size).


    • We welcome volunteers; however, when volunteering or assisting in the classroom, do not bring little ones. There is a screening process that volunteers have to go through.


    •    Unless it is an emergency, please do not come to talk with the teacher when the children are dismissed to class in the morning.  I'd like to be able to greet the children and listen to what they need to tell me.
    •  Bringing forgotten items to school is discouraged. We find that children will develop responsibility more quickly when they experience the natural consequences of forgetting.  Example:  If they forget their lunch box, they eat a school lunch instead.  (Eyeglasses or any essential item should be brought to the school office where they will be delivered by school personnel.)  Parents or guests should not interrupt the instructional process by bringing items to the classroom.

     HELP US:

    • Your child needs to know his/her first and last name, parents/guardian first and last name, telephone number (home or cell), birthday, and how to tie shoelaces. Please reinforce these skills at home. When your child writes his/her name, please encourage correct name writing (first letter capital and the rest lowercase letters for first and last name) and correct pencil grip.
    • Remember to write your child’s name on: backpack, lunch box, and on labels in sweaters, jackets, hats, gloves etc.
    • Do not allow your child to bring toys to school.
    • Please do not send loose money to school in your child's pocket.
    • Please teach your children to use public restrooms appropriately, especially boys using urinals.
    • Girls should wear shorts under jumpers and skirts because we go to gym daily.
    • Please help your child to use belts, buttons, snaps, and hooks on clothing correctly and independently.
    • You may want to keep an extra change of clothes in your child’s backpack just in case he/she may need to change during the school day. Sometimes, if they are really busy, young children wait too late to go to the restroom and can’t make it in time.
    • Students must wear shoes that cover their entire feet. Sandals cannot be worn nor can light-up shoes.

     Thank you,

    Mrs. Pollard

    Kindergarten Teacher