• My name is Kristi B. W. Tunstall, originally Kristi B. Williams. I have been a resident of Alabama my entire life yet traveling is one of my most favorite thing to do. I’ve been married for the ten year and together my husband and I raise our blended family as student athletes. We play sports all year round and enjoy watching our children display their talents on the fields as well as in the classroom.

    I am a Kindergarten Teacher celebrating my “sweet sixteen” year in the classroom.  I have taught several grade levels over the past sixteen years; however, kindergarten is where my heart glows. I started my training in day care centers at the age of 17. Throughout my undergraduate period, I have worked in daycare centers, early childhood centers and a child development center. I taught fourth grade for one year, pre-kindergarten for four years, first and second grade for a year and then kindergarten #myfavorite. I enjoy enriching the lives of small learners and what we teach each other throughout a day. Teaching has always been my life.  I love children so it was quite natural that the career I chose was working with children on the daily basis.

    I am EPIC because, I love outdoor activities and gathers with friends and family. I have recently picked up a new habit with my husband and that is working on cars. I believe in living a healthy life style and building a personal relationship with the Higher Power. I am the kind of person who encouraging others as well as myself to try new experiences on the daily basis.