• CCR Data Entry Documentation


    The ALSDE has modified the method for submitting CCR data in relation to AP, IB, WorkKeys and ACT.  This information can now be entered into Chalkable and transmitted to the ALSDE.  Please note that there is a 24 hour roll-over time for this data.  Each night the data is sent to the ALSDE and after processing the data, the information will reflect on the students custom tab in InformationNOW and on the ALSDE AIM Portal. School Counselors have access to enter all data related to AP, IB, WorkKeys, ACT, College Credit and Acceptance into the Military. Career Technology Teachers have access to enter data related to Career Technology Certifications. The memo below contains specific written instructions for entering the data. 

    Please click here to access the memo from the ALSDE.

    This is a short 15 minute video that covers entering the data into InformationNOW.  There are three areas for entering the data. Remember that the scores for qualifying tests should be scanned into the students digital cumulative file.

    Please click here to access the video.


    Please feel free to contact the SIS Department via email to sis@bhm.k12.al.us for any questions.