Desert Island Supply Co.

  • The Desert Island Supply Co. (DISCO) is a creative writing and arts center located in Woodlawn. DISCO staff and volunteers work with Birmingham city students through our in-school program, the Woodlawn Writers Corps, which brings standards-based creative writing workshops to students in the 2nd-8th grades. DISCO also offers after-school programs for students at its headquarters each day from 4-5:30. DISCO's lessons are fun and interactive—students are encouraged to use their imaginations, to play with words, to reflect on who they are, and to be silly and serious as they write and create. Workshops are designed to hone students’ reading and writing skills, but they also engage students creatively. Each year, DISCO publishes an anthology of student poetry from the Woodlawn Writers Corps, as well as other publications of student work. All of DISCO's programs are free to Birmingham students.

  • Key Contact
    Brian Connell