• Support Strategy 2019-2020

    We will continue to provide Chalkable InformationNOW Support based on the submission of a Help Desk via email to sis@bhm.k12.al.us

    • Tickets will be responded to by severity and not on a first come, first serve basis.
    • Only the Chalkable Data Managers, Technology Coordinators, Principals and Assistant Principals may enter Chalkable InformationNOW Support Tickets for a school.
    • Any teacher, student or parent that seeks support outside of this process will be redirected back to the school designees for assistance.
    • Technology Coordinators will reset passwords and provide general support for Chalkable InformationNOW.

    Student Information System (SIS) Problem Severity Definitions

    The SIS Department desires to handle each problem/question in a timely manner utilizing the following priority schedule. Upon receipt of a ticket through our ticketing system each request will be prioritized using the following definitions. Responses will be scheduled using the table below.

     All support requests will be classified into the following severity levels: 

    • Priority 1
      The ability to conduct business or provide customer service has stopped. The ability to access the student information system is unavailable to the entire school. The student information system has a program error that must be reported to the software provider’s helpdesk. 
      Examples: Server down, network down, database down, application down, website is unavailable.
      Priority 1 Problems will be worked on for a 21 x 7 basis until resolved.  A Customer contact must be assigned and be available on a 24 x 7 basis to assess alternative solutions and finalize problem resolution verification.
    • Priority 2
      Service is lost by a single user or small number of users, affecting significant business functionality. Problems or incidents where a workaround exists or can be developed with a small amount of incremental resources. The student information software is slow or giving random errors. Some user groups are unable to access the student information software. 
      Examples:  Extremely slow system performance, a piece of application functionality is down or has a bug, time out errors are received.
      Priority 2 Problems will be worked during regular local business hours by production support groups.
    • Ordinary
      Problem or incident where single users can operate some of the system activities normally, but a definite problem is identified.
      Examples: Teachers are unable to submit grades/attendance, software settings incorrect, teacher not entered in system, course setup incorrectly, duplicate students, third party integrations.
      All other requests will be handled in order of receipt following the time schedule outlined below.
    • Requests
      Any request from single users or site groups that are requesting a new service or some clarification. School/Department needs a specialty report, addition/deletion of employees, parent portal. 
      Examples: Requesting a new user logon, requesting data, training, etc.
      All other requests will be handled in order of receipt following the time schedule outlined below.
      Resolution Timeframe