The Strategy

    The Birmingham City Schools science initiative will target the science performance of our students by:

    •  Providing standards-based, hands-on, inquiry-centered instruction to all students.
    • Implementing research-based professional development programs that prepare all  science teachers to guide students in inquiry-centered science.
    • Implementing a support system for supplying science materials and apparatus to classrooms.
    • Providing assessment methods consistent with the goals of an inquiry-centered science program.
    • Increasing opportunities for students to select more rigorous  science courses like Advanced Placement,  International Baccalaureate, Pre-AP courses,   genetics, and Research Internships to be career and college ready by the end of 12th grade.  
    • Exposing students to extended learning opportunities by partnering or utilizing  the McWane Science Center,  Ruffner Mountain, Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Southern Museum of Flight, 4-H Center  and other community entities.
    • Providing opportunities for research internships with  scientist from area universities, colleges and industry providing an authentic real -world  learning experience for students and teachers.