Fourth Grade Math Syllabus

  • HUDSON K-8

    4th Grade- Mathematics  

    SYLLABUS 2019-2020 


    Course Description:

    In fourth grade, the basic facts of all four operations (+, -, x, and, ÷) will be used regularly and should be memorized in math class. This year (2018-2019), the common core standards are implemented in all lessons, which means that each is more rigorous than in previous years. Therefore, I encourage you to assist your child at home to master all skills. We are using the Go Math series by Houghton Mifflin Court.


    *Grades will be calculated using the following scale*

    Classwork- 30%

    Homework- 10%

    Projects- 20%

    Tests- 20%

    Notebook- 20% 


    Fourth Grade 

    1st Quarter (August 8 - October 11, 2019)


    Chapter 1 Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction to One Million   

    Chapter 2 Multiply by 1-Digit Numbers


    • Grading period ends October 11, 2019 


    2nd Quarter  (October 12, 2019 - December 18, 2019)


    Chapter 3 Multiply by 2 -Digit Numbers

    Chapter 4 Divide by 1-Digit Numbers

    Chapter 5 Factors, Multiples, and Patterns


    • Grading period ends December 18, 2019

    3rd Quarter (January 6, 2020 - March 13, 2020)


    Chapter 6 Fraction Equivalence and Comparison

    Chapter 7 Add and Subtract Fractions

    Chapter 8 Multiply Fractions by Whole Numbers

    Relate Fractions and Decimals


    • Grading period ends March 13, 2020


    4th Quarter (March 16, 2020 - May 28, 2020)


    Chapter 9 Shapes and Graphs

    Chapter 10 Two- Dimensional Figures

    Chapter 12 Probability

    Chapter 11 Algebra

    Chapter 13 Perimeter and Area

    Review and End of the Year Assessments 

    * Report Cards go home for 4th Nine Weeks on *May 28, 2020

      • Make-Up Work Policy:  
      • Students with an unexcused absence will be allowed to make-up work within a week of their missed assignment(s).


    Late Work Policy:

    Students will be allowed to turn in late assignments within 3 days of the original due date.


    Student Evaluation: 

    Assignments will be graded on a 100 point scale. Examples of student evaluation include but are not limited to the following:

    • Teacher-Made Test
    • Teacher Observation
    • Daily Assignments
    • Oral Discussions
    • Class Projects


    Grading Scale: