• Huffman Academy Kindergarten Syllabus             

    First 9 Weeks

    Language Arts & Reading

    The students will:

    • Use their inner voice and think through the text
    • Show thinking by drawing and writing
    • Talk to a partner about their thinking
    • Recall information from a text read aloud
    • Answer text dependent questions
    • Identify the letters of the alphabet
    • Associate letters to their sounds
    • Decode grade level words as well as read and write sight words
    • Dictate or write a personal narrative using illustrations
    • Use spelling patterns to write grade level words
    • Recognize rhyming words
    • Understand syllables
    • Identify book elements (Author. Illustrator, characters, setting)
    • Learn to pause for punctuation.
    • Write their first name correctly


    The students will:

    • Focus on counting and comparing numbers
    • Establish numeral fluency to 10
    • Count to 25
    • Count forward beginning with a given number (0 – 25)
    • Name numerals 1 to 10 out of sequence
    • Match quantities to numerals 0 to 10
    • Write numerals 0 to 10
    • Order numerals 0 – 10
    • Sort by color size, shape, and kind
    • Identify the position of objects
    • Compare information on a graph

    Science and Social Studies

    The students will:

    • Recognize the importance of rules and why they are needed in the home, school and community.
    • Recognize persons responsible for enforcing rules
    • Gain a deeper understanding of consequences for breaking rules
    • Identify and describe the rights and responsibility of citizenship
    • View themselves as effective citizens.
    • Identify the seasons of the year
    • Identify objects observed in the day sky
    • Discover and foster a natural interest in the world around them