Children are like flowers planted in a garden.  Their destiny is to grow and become a thing of beauty.  Parents have been given the assignment to be the gardeners. As gardeners, parents have been given the responsibility to make sure the flower has what it needs to grow and become productive and to make sure that weeds do not overtake the garden with the flower.  Imagine yourself looking at a beautiful garden and you notice that weeds are starting to grow in the garden. Your first thought would be to remove the weeds so that the garden would maintain it's beauty.  Likewise, protect your beautiful flower (your child).  Weeds:  such as disrespect, bad habits, disobedience, poor character, etc., have to be pulled up by the gardener because the flower itself cannot remove the weeds.  Left to grow, in time, the weeds will overtake the flower and cause it not to grow and to become unproductive. What was meant to be a thing of beauty will become entrapped by weeds.  Parents:  Don’t forget to pull up the unwanted weeds that you see.  Love your little one enough to make the hard choices.  Later on in his/her life, you will see the blessings that follows.