Vote "FOR" Our Children 3 Times on Tuesday, Oct. 8

  • Vote FOR Our Progress On Tuesday, October 8th, we are asking for your support to continue our progress in Pre-K, technology, job readiness, fine arts, and so much more. 

    This is NOT a tax increase. It is a vote to continue current funding. Losing these dollars will jeopardize the future of our children and city. 

    A vote "FOR" will help us keep $32 million in funding, which will protect the progress we have made for our students, community, and future. 

    Pre-K: Early childhood education provides students with a vital foundation for academic success, which is why our district invests heavily in pre-k education.BCS has nearly 50 pre-k classrooms. Research shows that children who participate in pre-K education perform better academically than students who do not.

    Technology: Technology is a gateway to the future job market. BCS is building leaders by ensuring students become proficient in the ever-changing world of technology. Our STEAM practices engage students with science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. We partner with technology companies to provide students with the best opportunities for success. 

    Job Readiness: The BCS Class of 2019 received $44 million in scholarships. This is a testament to investments BCS is providing toward programs offering students hands-on experience in real-world settings in fields such as engineering and health sciences. BCS strives to ensure students are equipped for success in college, career and life by empowering students to attain positions in high-paying fields. 

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