• List of Music Education links and apps that your child could use at home. Just copy and paste the link in the web address space or push Ctrl + click on the link.

    As I locate more links and apps, I will mark them at the bottom of the list.  

    If your child needs to contact me just to ask a question or send me a musical composition, just send me an email at jsmith2@bhm.k12.al.us or leave a message on Google Voice and I will answer as soon as I can or set-up a way to virtually contact any student who needs help or reassurance. Don't forget if you leave a message, state your name and your homeroom class. 


    Thank you,

    Ms. Joy Smith, NBCT 


    New York Philharmonic-Interactive videos


    For 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Does not work using Google Browser


    Cincinnati Public Radio-The home page has other musical links including virtual museum tours.


    Games for 1st-5th grades


    Public Broadcasting System


    Games for PK, K, and 1st


    Carnegie Hall

    For 2nd-5th grades. Safari adventures through the instruments of the orchestra.


    San Francisco Symphony Kids-Discover, Listen, Play, Perform, Conduct, and Compose


    For 3rd-5th grades


    Arts Alive: National Arts Centre of Canada


    Check out the tabs at the top.


    Chrome Music Lab


    All students can choose then play and create in each area. Levels of difficulty vary for each area.




    Epic Orchestra-Play game as you conduct. Helps students’ hand/eye coordination while keeping a steady beat.

    Incredibox-For 3rd-5th, but youger tech savvy students would enjoy. Create your own music with the help of a crew of beatboxers. Drag and drop icons onto the avatars to make them sing and start to compose your own composition. You can save, share, and download. Send me the link so I can hear it. jsmith2@bhm.k12.al.us .

    GarageBand-For use with iPhone and iPad. More for 4th and 5th, but younger students who are tech savvy would enjoy it.

    Jazzy World-For PK-1st Only country that is free is Brazil. Other tours can be purchased.

    Music Lab-Great for focused listening and comparing and contrasting for K-3rd grades.


    *New on 3/20/20

    William Tell Overture- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sybh2cAURFk or *https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS7_rLSETUs

    For older ages-Find ways to create 4 different found sounds (ex. A skillet and a plastic spoon or a plastic bowl and a metal utensil.) Assign a different sound to each icon. Follow the icons to know when to play what. *IF you use the second link, you only need one sound. The second link has written rhythms so read the ones you can and play a quarter note on the ones you are not sure.

    For younger ages-Play the steady beat using found sounds. (ex. A pan and a wooden spoon)

    Pete the Cat-http://www.petethecatbooks.com/songs/

    Activities For any age but focused on PK-2


    **New on 3/23/20

    Check out the author of the “Pete the Cat” series, James Dean, on Instagram at 11 AM CST where he reads and shows how he draws the books. As soon as a Youtube link is put out, I will add it here.


    ***New on 4/3/20 

    Happy Spring! I  have some new web links that was sent in by one of our 3rd graders, Ryleigh and her sister, McKenzie. Here are the music words that they found and the links they discovered. Thanks for sending me the links. To go directly to the site just push the ctrl button while clicking on the link, Ctrl + Click. Scholars, if you find any links that you want me to share, after asking your family permission, send me an email at jsmith2@bhm.k12.al.us . Keep a lookout for more info here and remember, don't do anything on your computer, phone, tablet, or any other technology without permission from your family.


    Here is one from me that particularly kindergarteners will enjoy. We just listened to this a few weeks ago, but everyone will enjoy it. Students, get a family memeber to sit down and listen with you but DO NOT tell them about the SURPRISE! 

    "Surprise Symphony"/"Symphony no. 94" by Franz Joseph Haydn-This is the second movement Andante. Andante means a walking tempo or speed.

     More to Come! Don't forget, keep creating, performing, and responding.


    UPDATED LINK-4/6/20 on author, James Dean (who is from Fort Payne, Alabama), reading his stories of "Pete the Cat." 

    Different stories read everyday. Stays on Instagram for 24 hours.Pete the Cat-Official Instagram

    Link for read aloud on 3/17/20 of "Pete's Big Lunch"-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isYINMM_jJs


    ****New on 4/10/20 MusicPlay

    https://musicplayonline.com/ Students can use the site FREE from now until July 31st. Great games and activities to explore! I would suggest the games on the right hand side starting with "Which Rhythm do you Hear?" for grades 1-5. 


    *****New on 4/14/20 Check out weekly performanace by the Alabama Symphony Orchestra on Tuneful Tuesdays.

    https://alabamasymphony.org/tunefultuesday New performances will be added each Tuesday. You can send me info about the performance like the title and composer of the song, what instruments you heard, and what you thought about a performance.


    ******New on 4/30/20 The Music Tech Teacher

    http://www.musictechteacher.com/music_quizzes/music_quizzes.htm I have this site posted under our interesting resource link, but I wanted to place it her because the creator is a retired Birmingham City music teacher. Karen Garrett is known as the Music Tech Teacher. She has created all types of fun games and quizzes. Some is geared toward older students, but the instrument, rhythm, and music vocabulary quizzes would be fun for our scholars to try. Check it out, then email me at jsmith2@bhm.k12.al.us and let me know what you think about the site and how you did on the quizzes or worksheets.  


    *******New on 5/23/20 Birmingham Music Club

    Check out the links below from the Birmingham Music Club's Maestro series of performances that are 5th graders have participated in for the last several years. Send an email to Mr. Ron Bourdages, the Maestro, at Maestro@BhamMusicClub.org and let him know what you think about the performances. 









    ********New on 5/29/2020 The Planets by Gustav Holst

    https://theplanetsonline.com/ Mix music and science through a study of the planets. Follow the guide through each composition as you learn about the planets and how the music was created.