COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions for Parents Regarding Special Education

    • Special Education Frequently Asked Questions  (6 Questions)

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    2.  How can my child be referred for evaluation?

    Certain steps must take place.

    3.  How can my child get special education services?

    To receive services, a student must be referred for evaluation and meet state eligibility criteria in at least one of 13 disability areas.

    4.  What does LRE mean?

    Least Restrictive Environment

    5.  What is an Individualized Education Plan?

    Each public school child who receives special education services must have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Each IEP must be individually designed for each student.

    6.  What happens if the IEP team determines my child is NOT eligible for special education services?

    When an IEP team determines that a student does not meet eligibility criteria for special education, the evaluation information is forwarded to the school principal.