Animation Screenplay Writing Project for Remote Learning (4/17 - 5/23)

    Introduction: You will write a 3-act screenplay for an original animated short (movie.) Using the iIternet, you will research screenplays and investigate what makes for a successful animated short (Pixar has won multiple awards for their shorts.) You will also research the screenwriting process to help you prepare for writing your own, original screenplay (which is essentially just a short story>  

    Task: Your short story should include a beginning (set up the story and characters), a middle (continue developing your characters and build toward a climactic ending), and an ending (wrap up your story and all loose ends.) Your story should have only 3 characters, one of which should be the protagonist.

    REQUIRED Weekly Assignments: Each week you will have a different part of the process to complete. I will be posting the lessons as you build on your project and communicating with your regularly to make sure you are staying on task and on a time schedule to get your work completed by the posted deadlines and times. Late work will be docked 10 points for the 1st day late, 20 points for the 2nd day late; work more than 2 days late will not be accepted.  

    Due Dates: due dates will be posted on your Google Classroom classwork pages.

    Resources: Project Rubric. 

    Week 1 - 4/13-4/17 - story outline

    Week 2 - 4/20-4/24 -