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    Coach Danny Gosa

    Physical Education K-5



    8400 First Avenue South Birmingham AL




                Elementary school is an important time for children.  During this time period, it is important for students to develop healthy habits, social skills, a sense of curiosity and to have fun!  As an elementary physical education teacher, I believe that I have a unique opportunity to foster physical skill development, social skill development all while the students are having a lot of fun. 

    Class Expectations

    1. Treat everyone with RESPECT
    2. Give Effort! Try your hardest
    3. Have Fun




    K-2 Grade

    3-5 Grade



    Locomotor Movement

    Create a home American Ninja Warrior Course!

    Create a home American Ninja Warrior Course!



    Record yourself practicing your gymnastics skills.

    Record yourself practicing your gymnastics skills.



    Create a short Gymnastics routine.

    Create a short Gymnastics routine.


    Lower body Fitness

    Squat challenge

    Squat challenge/Create a lower body workout


    Upper body Fitness

    Push Up Challenge

    Push up challenge/Create an upper body workout



    Test your fitness knowledge

    Create a fitness workout



    Create your own dance

    Create a short dance routine



    Jump Rope

    Create your own jump

    Research and teach

    a new jump


    Jump Rope

    Perform a jump rope routine

    Create a jump rope routine




    Workout Wednesday- Every Wednesday students are going to participate in Workout Wednesday. On workout Wednesday we will be working on our physical fitness to help us prepare for the fitness test.


     Friday- Every Friday the students will have a challenge to complete. The students will be in small groups to work together and create something to record and turn in. Rather it be an American Ninja Warrior course, a push up challenge, or creating a jump rope routine this is sure to bring the FUN out in physical education. 


    Grading- Students will receive one grade per week with this virtual format. The grade for physical education will come from the Friday group activity that students submit via Schoology.


    Final Thoughts- I am sincerely looking forward to this CRAZY school year, getting to know you all, and growing and learning together. You can find more info about me on the about the teacher page.


    I am Unique!​ I am Kind!​ I am Loved!​ I will respect myself and others!​ I will be the BEST me I can be!​ Knowledge is my POWER!​