Chess began at Sun Valley in 2005, and, over time, the Sun Valley Knights Chess Team grew and began making a name for itself at local chess tournaments. In chess, students learn how to plan using classic tactics and strategies. Tournament play can be quite exciting, and students are encouraged to participate in tournaments, but that level of competition isn't necessary for enjoying the game. Chess is most appropriate for students in the 3rd through 5th grades. Childhood is the perfect time to learn chess, and, once learned, it often remains a lifelong and enriching hobby. 
    Robotics helps students develop 21st century skills in a fun an collaborative environment. In Robotics, students work in teams to solve programming challenges using iPads and the Lego Ev3 robot. Even though computer programming is inherently less complex than playing a game of chess, students can actually find it to be more challenging. Learning to code is like learning a new language, however. Second and third languages are far more accessible after exposure to the first. The robotics club is a great place for children to explore their interest in coding. As programming jobs are projected have high growth for years to come, some of our students will undoubtedly draw upon their experience when they learn new software languages.  
    Yes, we go on cool field trips when possible, too!