• Hello and Welcome Back!


    I cannot lie... I have missed you guys. COVID-19 has been really messing up our lives but we will fight back. Our first step will be getting back to our educational grind. 


    "Knowledge is POWER!"


    I am ready to learn and grow with you all. This year will be different but that is ok. We will control what we can control and let the chips fall where they may. 

    You may ask.."What can we control?"  We can control our attitudes, we can make education a priority, and we can control our daily actions by making the consistent choice to maximum our 24 hours that we are blessed with each day we walk this earth by putting forth our best effort one step at a time. We all going through something, we are have various emotions but we must remember it can always be worse. Embrace what we have. What do we have?.. we have an opportunity. The real question is what will we do with it.

    I am looking forward to see some familiar and unfamiliar faces virtually. Below you will see an outline of a typical day/week in my class. With that being said; see you guys soon, I love you all and lets get through this together. Make sure you take time to view course syllabus and view DAY 1 Ready.


    Be blessed, 


    Mr. Andrews







    - Short introductions and brain teasers to get the class going and start the conversation.

    - Video and Live lectures. 

    - Plenty of examples. 

    - Daily assignments. 



    - at least 2 assignments 

    - Assessment (informal, formal, summative or formative)

    - Tutoring if needed.  


    We will use various online platforms and I will make sure everyone know how to log into and use them effectively.