• (Click here) Day One Instructions

    Ramsay IB High School’s

    Day One Instructions for Parents and Students:

    • Visit Ramsay IB High School’s Webpage to become familiar with your teachers at https://www.bhamcityschools.org/ramsay .
    • After reviewing your teachers’ webpages, please follow steps 3 through 6 to access Zoom information, textbooks, and course assignments.
    • Go to comand select "Login as a Student." You will access your Schoology account, the majority of your textbooks, and Social and Emotional Learning assignments here. However, History textbooks excluding Government and Economics are on a separate platform, which will be addressed in the September 8th class.
    • Enter your S number and password.
      1. If you do not remember your password or need to claim your S number account (i.e., students who are new to the district), please go to our BCS district site (https://www.bhamcityschools.org/)and follow the instructions below (i.e., i through v):
        1. Scroll down to “Employees Only” above the “Headlines” section. Select “Employees Only.”
        2. Scroll down and click on “New Employees, Substitutes, Nurses, or other Contractors who have not claimed your Network ID …”
    • Please select an option, based on what is needed—forgot a password or claim your account now.

    Please select one of those options and follow the prompts accordingly. If you are unable to claim

    1. your account, please email Mrs. Deborah Holloway, RIBHS Technology Coordinator, at dholloway@bhm.k12.al.us. Please allow 24 hours for a response.
    2. After you have acquired your login information, please refer to step 5.
    • Once you are logged into your Clever account. Locate your district apps and select Schoology. Your login information should automatically load.
      1. If your login information does not load, please re-enter your S number and password and store the information for future use, if it is a private device.
    • After transitioning to Schoology, go to Courses and select (name of your class), which will take you to the assigned Course, based on your schedule, where you will find daily announcements, Zoom information, assignments, etc. 

    Students who are awaiting devices but have some access to technology and internet/data are encouraged to attempt to access these online platforms. If you have any questions related to specific courses, please access teachers’ contact on our webpage https://www.bhamcityschools.org/ramsay . You will receive a response within the next 24 hours. Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and We look forward to an amazing year!