• Mr. Jackson’s 8th Grade Syllabus


    Welcome to 8th Grade World History! This year we will study the time period from Prehistoric Man to 1500s. In this class we will cover early migrations, rise of civilizations, establishment of governments and religions, growth of economic systems, and the ways these events shaped Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. Also, we will incorporate the strands of economics, geography, and political science.


    Class Rules:

    • -All students are expected to follow the HBMS Rules of Conduct
    • -Be Respectful- to everyone and everything
    • -Be Prepared-with supplies and be prepared mentally to work.
    • -Be Accountable-of your own work and actions
    • -Be respectful and mindful that we are learning virtual, everyone can see you on camera. Keep it professional and keep it Code of Conduct-2020.
    • -Cheating will not be tolerated- cheating will result in an immediate ‘zero’ on the assignment.



    • Pen or Pencil
    • 3 ring binder with paper
    • 1 pack of 5x8 note cards


    Test Format:

    Test will consist of multiple choice, matching, true or false, fill in the blank, and essay type questions. The number of each type of question will change with each test to accommodate different testing strengths. The students will know through review sessions which type of question will be on each test.



    All assignments will be turned virtually through Schoology. Some students can email their work, (only if recommended by teacher)



    Notebooks will be used daily and keeps a record of assignments and important notes we cannot always rely on technology.



    Students attendance will be taken daily through Schoology, everyone is responsible for attending session. Parents are called when consecutive absences occur during schoology.