• Sun Valley Elementary Physical Education

    2020-2021 Syllabus


    This course is designed to engage students in a fun, creative, and nurturing environment that provides them with the necessary skills to improve their overall fitness. Each unit will provide knowledge students will need to become proficient in physical education. Our goal is to develop a strong sense of self-worth, understanding of each fitness component's benefits, and physical competency in individual and team sports by incorporating the following:

    1. Interdisciplinary planning with other content areas and incorporating curriculum content knowledge in PE;
    2. Incorporating community and world awareness activities in PE;
    3. Enhancing student’s social skills and their ability to interact with our diverse student body through multicultural games and dances;   
    4. Embedding sportsmanship in each unit to teach fair play and build character.

    Daily activities will be developed to meet grade-level appropriate standards and individual skill sets. Each student will be evaluated weekly to measure skill level improvement. A variety of assessments will be used to ensure that students understand and can perform each unit's objectives. Fitness pre and post-test will be given yearly for data recording. Students will use peer and teacher evaluations to reflect and improve their fitness knowledge and skills. 



    Coach Davenport


    Hello, my name is Jerry Davenport, and I am a physical education teacher at Sun Valley Elementary School. I received a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education from “The” Alabama State University. My Master’s degree is in Physical Education from Auburn University at Montgomery. In my spare time, I enjoy fishing on the lake and coaching (football and basketball). My goal is to foster a safe environment for all students while introducing them to a variety of sports and activities. 

    Coach Jenkins


    Hello! I’m Isia Jenkins, and I’m one of the physical education teachers at Sun Valley Elementary School. Huntsville holds a special place in my heart because I obtained both of my degrees while living there. My Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology is from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (Go Chargers!) and my Master’s degree in Physical Education from Alabama A&M University (Go Bulldogs!). I enjoy spending time with family and friends, reading, and watching sports. I have a strong passion for ensuring that every student can experience the vital life lessons that stem from recreation and sporting activities.

    Coach McCants


    Hello! My name is Arsenio McCants, and I am a Physical Education Teacher here at Sun Valley Elementary School. I am a proud product of the Birmingham City Schools System. I furthered my education at Alabama State University, where I received a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education. I am currently receiving my Master’s degree from The University of West Alabama in Physical Education. I have a passion and drive to help youth become successful not only academically but also physically and mentally.

    Absences & Make-ups

    It is the student’s responsibility to check with the coach to obtain required make-up work. Students will not be permitted to make-up work after ample time has been given according to BCS guidelines.


    Each student will receive two grades every week, per BCS guidelines. The three grading categories are:

    • Assessments (40%)
    • Classwork (50%)
    • Participation (10%)

    Students will receive a participation grade for logging into Zoom (Monday-Thursday) and engaging in the lesson. Students will receive an assessment or classwork grade based on the weekly activity submitted on Friday via Schoology.

     Final Grade Grading Scale

    A= 90-100

    B= 80-89

    C= 70-79

    D= 60-69

    F= 0-59

    Illness and Injuries

    In the event a student is ill, injured, or should have limited activity in PE class, he/she is required to bring a note from a parent/guardian stating the nature of the illness and limitations. 

    Anything longer than three (3) days requires a doctor’s note.


    As you are aware, virtual learning will occur for the 1st nine weeks of school. Since we are in the virtual setting, we cannot provide students with the equipment needed to participate as we would normally. We have tried to avoid units that require equipment; however, we have three units that will require minimum equipment. Each student will need the following items to participate during the 1st nine weeks:

    • 1 Jump Rope
    • 1 Pack of Balloons
    • 3 Tennis Balls

    These items can be purchased at low prices from various stores such as Dollar Tree, Walmart, Dollar General, etc. We have also provided links below for online purchase if you cannot find the items in the store. Please be aware that ordering items online may involve additional steps such as shipping costs and delivery times.

    Medical Information

    Student medical information should be provided to each teacher. A medical form will be sent home. The information from the medical forms will be used to identify any physical and medical limitations that might exist and to help design our class activities to meet these student needs.

    Office Hours

    Monday-Thursday: 2:00 PM-3:00 PM



    • Be Respectful.
    • Be Prepared.
    • Give your Best!