Library Rules
  • The library is open for use Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 3:40 p.m.

    General Rules:

    1. Students are expected to follow the Birmingham City Schools Code of Conduct and respect the library space/materials and other students by keeping areas clean and keeping voices at a reasonable level. 

    2. Students are not allowed to eat meals i.e. breakfast or lunch in the library.  Beverages with a lid are allowed if handled responsibly. 

    3. Large furniture should not be moved; desks and chairs can be moved for collaborative purposes (see the librarian first).

    4. Students are not allowed to checkout materials for other individuals.  

    5. Students are expected to use the library, its resources, and electronic devices for educational purposes only. 

    6. Students who are not on task, disrupting other students, or engaging in inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave the library to return to their classroom teacher and administration will be notified.   


    Regular circulation of materials are two weeks, up to four books.  

    Library Passes/Lunch Passes:

    Students must have permission from their teacher to come to the library.  Teachers will give students a pass with date, time, and reason for visiting the library.

    Seven lunch passes will be given out daily on a first come, first serve basis.  You must come to the library in the morning to checkout your pass.  The school librarian will email teachers the names of students who have lunch passes for that day.  Remember, you cannot eat lunch in the library—eat then come to the library.  At the end of your lunch period, you must return back to class.  

    Sign In/Out:

    Students will electronically sign in and out of the library at the circulation desk using an online Google Form.

    Computer Lab:

    The computer lab is only available to classroom teachers to reserve.  See Mrs. Stokes to reserve the lab for your class.    

    Need a larger space to collaborate?

    Student groups who need a larger space to collaborate more freely can use the Glass Lab behind the circulation desk (if available).  Students will have to adhere to the library’s rules and procedures, or they will be asked to leave the space.