• Early College is a comprehensive dual enrollment program where high school students take
    college courses for both college and high school credit. The earned college
    credits not only satisfy your high school requirements for graduation, but may also be applied to a degree at a college or university.  

    Why would Early College interest me?
    Early College gives motivated students like you an opportunity to start college
    while in high school. You will have the opportunity to take courses your high
    school may not offer; get exposed to potential career paths, and learn what is
    expected of college students. Once you graduate from high school and enroll in
    college, you will be way ahead of your peers. You will save time and money!

    How do I qualify for Early College?
    Students are invited to participate in Early College based on their test scores,
    academic record, teacher recommendations, an interview and attendance. 
    Students must have a 3.0 G.P.A  to apply and maintain a 2.5 GPA throughout the program!

    How much will it cost me?
    It is monetarily free! You will have to be committed to your studies and maintain
    your G.P.A.

    Does this mean I am a college student?

    What if I decide to attend a different college after high school graduation?
    Transfer your hours to that college.

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