Urban Educators

So You Think You Want To Be a Teacher

  • There is simply nothing quite like seeing the look of understanding that lights up someone’s face when you’ve successfully communicated an idea to them that they had not been able to grasp before. One of the noblest, most respected, and rewarding jobs you can have is teaching. If teaching is your passion, the Academy of Urban Educators, (AOUE) is the starting place.

    The Academy of Urban Educators is where you want to be!

    The Preschool CDA series of courses are designed to prepare students for employment in the field of preschool education and to prepare them for the Child Development Associate (CDA) a national credentialing program for the preschool setting. Students must successfully complete CDA I, II, III, IV, and V to be eligible to take the CDA certification exam. 

    Preschool CDA Pathway 4-Year Plan 





    English 9

    English 10

    English 11

    English 12

    Algebra I

    Academy Geometry

    Algebra II with Trigonometry


    World History 9

    U.S. History 10

    U.S. History 11



    Science 11 Elective

    Science 11 Elective

    Science 12 Elective

    Child Development Elective

    Sem1: Preschool CDA I

    Sem2: Preschool II

    Sem1: Preschool CDA III

     Sem2: Preschool IV

    Sem1: Preschool CDA V

    Sem2: CTE Lab in Education and Training

    Beginning Kinesiology (PE)

    Elective – Student Choice

    Elective – Student Choice

    Elective – Student Choice


    Elective – Student Choice

    Elective – Student Choice

    Elective – Student Choice

    Career Preparation (required)

    Elective – Student Choice

    Elective – Student Choice

    Elective – Student Choice

    • Student may take the option of Pre-AP and Advanced Placement courses.
    • Student will participate in work-based learning in grades 10, 11, 12.
    • Student may choose to take Workforce Essentials(11th grade) and participate in a Cooperative Education Seminar(12th grade).
    • Required participation in the Academy Internship will be during summer after completion of 11th grade year or during 12th grade year.
    • Student are encouraged to complete a Fine Arts and/or Foreign Language credit
    • Alabama Occupational Diploma candidate is required to complete Workforce Essentials and Cooperative Education Seminar