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    What Is Accelerated Mathematics?

    Accelerated math is a method of teaching mathematics that allows students to progress through material at their own pace. Some key aspects of accelerated math programs include:


    • Individualized Instruction: Students work through math content and skills at the level that is appropriate for their abilities, regardless of their grade level. This allows advanced students to tackle more challenging material.
    • Self-Paced Learning: Students move through math curriculum based on their comprehension and mastery of concepts, not according to a fixed schedule. This flexible pacing accommodates different learning speeds.
    • Continuous Progress Monitoring: Teachers and software regularly assess student progress and growth. This data informs instruction and helps group students by ability level rather than age or grade.
    • Compressed Content: Accelerated programs cover K-12 math curriculum over fewer years by compacting lessons, eliminating repetition, and increasing difficulty faster. Students may complete algebra and geometry courses in middle school.
    • Enrichment Options: Accelerated students are given opportunities to go more in-depth on topics and engage in supplemental math projects or competitions. This provides a further challenge.


    The goal of accelerated mathematics is to provide students with appropriately challenging coursework tailored to their advanced abilities in math. It allows them to master higher-level content at an earlier age.



    Shania Starks

    Cantrell Robinson