• Girls Wear Pearls offers interactive life-skills workshops and provides powerful programs for girls in 3rd-5th grade, with the purpose of engaging them in discussions about pre-teen/teen topics such as body image, friendships, health, etiquette, and hygiene.  This program is designed to provide an opportunity for girls to gain self-confidence and enhance 

    skills that are necessary to become effective, influential and productive young ladies, as well as, positive leaders in their community.

    The program provides weekly opportunities for Huffman Academy girls to meet in person (or virtually) for an hour with other girls their age.  The girls will discuss their dreams, challenges, goals, obstacles and opportunities to share stories related to topics.


    Each 60-minute class includes:

    • Girls Wear Pearls circle time which provides a safe environment for girls to share their opinions and feelings

    • A snack

    • Coaching to set and work toward their personal goals

    • Fitness activities and healthy eating

    GWP Themes:

    *Authentic Me

    *Body Image & Changes

    *Friendship Power

    *Valuing Yourself and Others

    *Positive Self-Talk

    *Decision Making

    *Leading Others Wisely

    *Taking Care of Yourself

    *Healthy Eating

    *Exercising the Body and Mind

    Meeting Day:     Thursdays of each week

    Meeting Time:   3:45-4:45

    Attire:                Dress or skirt and top with pearl necklace and earrings


    I am me and there is no one better.  I choose my thoughts, I choose my actions,  I choose my words and I choose to be a better me every day by putting me first. I CHOOSE ME!