Mrs. Yolanda Byrd
        Books to purchase for 2019-20
    Love That Dog by Sharon Creech by August 12, 2019.
    Name:  Yolanda Byrd                                
    Grade:   6th Grade                                     
    Subject: Language Arts/Reading              
    Classroom: 124                                              
    Phone Office:  205  231-5250                      
    email: ybyrd@bhm.k12.al.us         
     Welcome to the 2019-20 Academic School Year.  I have been an educator with the Birmingham City School System for over 25  years.  I received my BS degree from Birmingham Southern College in l992, Master's in Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in l998, and Teaching Excellence Award from Samford University in 2002.  I was also nominated Teacher of the Year in 2007 and 2nd place nominee in 2019.  I have been attending workshops for the past three year on Laying the Foundation.  Students will be reading 4 novels this year with one each nine weeks. I am currently seeking a higher degree in learning too.  I am looking forward to enriching the minds of our future leaders by using the CCSS (Common Core State Standards).  This program is very rigorous, but I a sure your child is up to the challenge.
       Students in sixth grade focus on active engagement with the text.  They are required to annotate, analyze,identify, define, explain, integrate, compare, and cite supportive evidence.   They are will be developing and building upon those skills that were required in fifth grade.  They learn academic language and domain -specific vocabulary through their reading and use it in their writing and speaking.   In the writing, students develop more sophisticated skills, such as using evidence from a variety of sources to support their purpose and conclusion.  They revise, edit, and rewrite their compositions and learn to try new approaches and use technology to improve their writing product.  Integrating reading and writing across the different content areas is emphasized through the addition of the standards  for literacy in history/social studies, math, and science.  They learn to present argument and support it with a logical sequence of evidence.  Students in sixth grade listen critically to speakers and media presentations, identify and interpret information from a variety of media and formats.  Students will continue to build upon the common Language standards such as sentence structure and verb usage.  They will be using technology often in the classroom and home.    I look forward to a success school year.