• Bernard Warren

    Name:Bernard Warren
    Mathematics Department Chair   
    Grade: 10 - 12
    Subject: Advanced Algebra 2 and Advanced Pre-Calculus
    Classroom: 105M
    Phone 231-7000

    Welcome back to Ramsay High School. Hope everyone had an amazing summer even through these most unusual times. I am excited to teach Advanced Pre-Calculus and Advanced Algebra 2 this school year. I am also serving as Mathematics department chair where I want to place emphasis on service. I will not only work for the success of my students, but the success of every Ramsay High School student as well as for the sucess of our dynamic teachers. I want to be available, accessible and approachable to every member of the Ramsay family. Therefore feel free to contact me for whatever you nee. I sincerely desire to be a resource.