The second grade course of study is based on the Alabama Common Core Standards. My goal is to produce autonomous, productive, life long learners through an inquiry based and engaging learning environment. Second graders are naturally curious and love learning. With parents, stakeholders,and educators working as partners, we can ensure that each child will have a productive and successful year in second grade.

    Students will be required to turn in assignments on time, participate in class activities and discussions, and demonstrate mastery of curriculum objectives and follow behavioral guidelines.

    Grades will be base on:


    B... 89-80

    C... 79-70

    D... 69-60

    F... 59 and below

    Class Update

    You will receive a weekly newsletter. This is a valuable resource which will update you of the week's lessons, spelling words, weekly assignments, and extra information. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.



    Second graders will be expected to come to school each day prepared to learn. Please establish a nightly routine for homework (away from distractions). Please make sure your child gets to bed early and eats breakfast. Breakfast is served in our lunchroom every morning.

    Handbook Please read our school handbook for pertinent information.