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    We are excited to be a part of the districtwide Readers on the Move Book Club.
    What is Readers on the Move?
    Readers on the Move is a book club that includes participation ranging from 27 elementary to high schools.  Our elementary cell includes South Hampton K-8, Lewis Elementary, and Hemphill Elementrary. We will be adding a middle school club this year. This book club is designed to give students the opportunity to read new books, discuss them with their schoolmates, and travel twice during to the year to discuss them with students in our cell and a final field trip that encompasses all club members.
    Who can join?
    Fourth and fifth grade students are invited to apply for participation in the elementary school cell.  Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students are invited to participate in the middle school cell. We will try to limit the number of students to no more than 15; therefore, students must write a paragraph explaining why they want to a part of this book club in order to consider being chosen.
    Why should I join?
    Book clubs are an important aspect of the school library. Students have the opportunity to
    1. Develop a lifelong love of reading
    2. Improve reading comprehension
    3. Develop vocabulary
    4. Build a home library
    5. Interact and build relationships around reading
    6. Have an outlet outside of the classroom