• Coach Gibson

     Google Classroom 2020/21 Codes:

    Advanced Digital File Prep 5th Period: l2k5ecf

    Digital File Preparation and Output 6th Period: 7eqaa7n

    Intro to Graphic Arts Period 7th Period: wtoj5nj

    Subject: Graphic Arts Technology \ Digital File Preparation & Output \ Advanced Digital File Preparation & Output

    Classroom: 214, 216, and 217

    Phone: (205) 542-8527 (call or text)

    Email: pgibson2@bhm.k12.al.us

    Facebook: Carver H.S. Academy of Visual Communications


    After graduating from high school I majored at Auburn University for Graphic Design and received a degree in Visual Communications at ITT Technical Institute in 2010. I was employed as a Graphic Designer for the YMCA, Social Security Administration (Business Support Services), Healthy Choice Foods, and several media and production companies in the U.S. Between 2008 and 2017. I also worked as a childcare coordinator, and volunteer basketball coach for the YMCA. In August 2017 my last name became CARVER when I was hired by Dr. Nettles Hines and became a RAM! I currently work in the CTE/Visual Communications Academy and I have the privilege of educating the BEST graphic arts students in Alabama. I am an assistant coach for our amazing Lady Rams Basketball team, I am a SkillsUSA, and I also drive the bus for the Collegeville community.

    Message to parents and students: My expectation is for Students to know how to send a message in more unique and powerful ways. A social media post or a text message is mere freckle on the skin of graphic arts. The goal is for students to learn how to send effective and powerful messages through visual communication and connect with not only their local community but a global community. Students will understand and apply these terms in almost any area in life:

    · Message- a verbal, written, or recorded communication sent to a recipient who can’t be contacted directly

    · Medium- a publication or broadcast that carries advertising; a mode of artistic expression or communication

    · Method- a way, technique, or process for doing something

    We will apply those terms along with the design principles to understand all forms of messages around us. Students will learn the power of continuously branding and rebranding to market themselves and communicate to the industry and world around them.