• PBS - Rules
    Our class has established the following classroom rules:
          Be Respectful
    1.    Respect others and yourself.
    2    Listen to other peoples.
    3.    Raise your hand to speak.
    Be Responsible 
    4.   Walk silently on the right side of the hallway.
    5.    Speak with quiet voices.
    6.    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    7.   Always tell the truth.
    Be Resourceful
    8.    Do not waste materials.
    9.   Take care of all material.
    10. Bring your materials every day..

    Conduct Calendar & Warnings List
    A monthly conduct calendar goes home everyday with a colored checkmark of how your child’s conduct or behavior was for that day, indicated on the warnings list or classroom stoplight.
    After being warned for an inappropriate behavior a student will receive a checkmark by his or her name on the warnings list. After 3 checkmarks that student moves to the yellow light on the classroom traffic light and a yellow check is indicated on his or her conduct calendar for that day. After 3 more checks the student then moves to the red light on the traffic light and a red check is given on the conduct calendar plus a note goes home to parents. If no checkmarks are given a student receives a green checkmark for that day. 
    If an inappropriate behavior continues after six checkmarks for the day and student will receive a verbal and written conference from the teacher.  The next step is a parent/teacher conference, and last but not final is a conference with the principal, the child and /or the parent.

    Rewards and Incentives
    Character Awards
    Verbal Praises
    Stickers, Treats or Toys