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    It’s time for our Class Fundraiser Project!!  This is very important to our classes.  Money collected by our K5 students comes directly into our classroom!  That’s right; $12.50 of every $25.00 collected comes directly to our classroom!  I am requesting that each parent commit to sell SIX BOOKS!  If each family from our class sells at least 6 books, our class will raise over $1200.00!  But we do not want to limit ourselves to 6 books!  It is our hope, that our class not only be the top selling class of the school, but of all the kindergarten classes participating in the District!  Let’s set our goal class goal for TEN BOOKS per family!  Our K5 class will have an account of $2000.00 for the rest of this school year!  We would like to purchase two I-Pad minis, one touch screen computer, new home living supplies and playground balls and equipment.  Just think of the educational tools and supplies we could enrich our Kindergarteners with this school year! 

    This is our chance to show that as the new kids on the block, here at Princeton, we support our children and school.  So let’s

    “sell em up!’ 

    And Remember…We’ve ALWAYS been the top selling class!          We Can and We Will be the top selling class this year too!!