• Greetings!!

    Hello HMS Family! I am Sonjanika Henderson-Green, your Instructional Coach and I am thrilled to be a part of this faculty and staff.  Prior to joining the HMS Family in this role, I served as Huffman Middle School's gifted specialist for 5 years.  Additionally, I have worked most of my educational career as a middle and high school English teacher.  

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Huffman Middle School's Instructional Coaching department is to provide research-based, relevant, high-quality instructional coaching to teachers to increase professional growth, teaching, and learning for students and teachers in an environment built on trust and collaboration. 

    Instructional Coach Approach and Responsibilities

    Consider this analogy. Football coaches and basketball coaches help athletes enhance their skill sets so they can reach their maximum potential in that sport. In the same way, instructional coaches work first hand with teachers to help them enhance their instructional skill sets so they can reach their full potential as an educator.  

    Serving as the Instructional Coach allows me opportunities to work with teachers to improve the quality of their lessons with current best practices, current pedagogy, and current technology, so that the quality of students' learning is improved.  Additionally, I identify teacher needs, mentor teachers, observe teacher instruction, and refer to school data as insights for making instructional decisions. 

    Ultimately, it is my mission to ensure teachers teach quality lessons and students obtain quality instruction, daily.

    Availability and Contact Information

    I am available to discuss instruction and student's progress at all times! Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions and/or concerns at shenderson3@bhm.k12.al.us