School's History

    Huffman Academy, first known as Oak Grove Academy, was established in 1878. It was a large one-room structure with a stage across one end and a huge fireplace across the other. Three small one-room cottages were built on the east end of the grounds and were used as dormitories for boys. These buildings were replaced in 1920 by an attractive building of native stone consisting of five rooms. This structure, with additions every few years, served the  community under the Jefferson County System as an elementary and junior high school until 1954. In 1954, the school joined the Birmingham System and served boys and girls in grades one through eight. In 1958, the school building was replaced by the present structure.

    Huffman Elementary became fully accredited by the State of Alabama and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges in 1976.

    In 1980-81 Huffman became a middle school with a magnet program in science, language arts and math. Today, although no longer a magnet school, Huffman Middle continues to maintain high academic standards in all programs. Enrollment is composed of students from Huffman Academy, as well as students on transfer from other areas of the city. 

    About Us

    Huffman Middle School is a small urban school with a student population of 402 students in grades 6-8. It is located in the eastern area of Birmingham, Alabama. Huffman Middle School is located very close to two major thoroughfares (I-59 and Parkway East) that are home to many small businesses and corporations. Although a bristling area of Birmingham, the Huffman-Parkway East community does not have the major tax base it once boasted. The area is comprised of predominately African-American lower middle class. The median household income is approximately $41,970. The area is populated with 36% owner occupied housing and 47.9% renter occupied housing. Much of the Huffman community continues to change both demographically, economically, and socially. Our student population is 85% AfricanAmerican, 10% Hispanic, 3% Caucasian, 1% American Indian, and 1% Pacific Islander. We are a Title I school with 51.45% of our students qualifying for free or reduced lunch. Due to the Community Eligibility Provision, all students receive free breakfast and lunch.

    Currently, our instructional faculty consists of 25 certified employees. Our faculty is a mixture of veteran and novice personnel. All administrative and teaching personnel are certified and highly qualified in their assigned teaching discipline. Several faculty members have achieved National Board certification. We have 15 classified employees which consist of paraprofessionals, office staff, child nutrition staff and custodial staff. All groups contribute to the acknowledgements and awards that Huffman Middle School has received showcasing their outstanding efforts. Each individual understands the importance and value he or she adds to our school and the necessity of performing their duties at high and intrinsically motivated levels.

    Our school continues to be a beacon in the Huffman-Parkway East community despite the demographic changes and student achievement challenges. Parents continue to request Huffman Middle School as their choice for their students to attend because of the positive school climate and standard of excellence ingrained in our culture. Other unique features include the strong faith- based community support in the Huffman/Parkway East community and the vast opportunities available for our students, faculty/staff, and community stakeholders academically, socially, and emotionally. Some challenges are the increasing achievement gap in our African-American and Hispanic populations and the decline in parental involvement of the middle school students in our community.