• The Ossie Ware Mitchell School Story

    Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School is a fairly new facility that was built in 2005 and first opened its doors in January 2006. The school was originally designed and built to house elementary students. However, it opened its doors to 500 middle school students grades 6-8 who were brought from what was formerly Bank Middle School. 


    The interior and exterior of the building is attractive and well kept.  The design of the school is based on a traditional one-level model complete with a media center, gym, lunchroom, and separate offices for the administrative staff members.


    Our staff consists of a diverse mix of highly qualified individuals who hold certification and/or advanced degrees in a variety of curricular areas.  The certified staff includes a principal, an assistant principal, teachers, library media specialist, counselor, speech pathologist, coaches, a coach’s, instructional aides and paraprofessionals.  The support staff includes one secretary, a bookkeeper, project director, four custodians, and five cafeteria workers. 


    Mitchell Middle School instructional program is structured to meet the individual needs of middle school students.  Co-curricular activities offered include Title I tutoring program, after school tutoring program.  Students are also encouraged to participate in academic, athletic, and musical competitions such as Academic Bowl, Math Derby, Math Tournament, Volleyball and Basketball tournaments, BCS district band and choir competitions, Student Government Association, Spelling Bee, Poster and Poetry Competitions, and Book Club.


    The instructional program also includes special education classes that are staffed with certified teachers and aides for exceptional children who are profoundly and mentally challenged, multi-handicapped have learning disabilities, speech/language impairment, and who are emotionally disabled.


    Staff development is an integral part of the instructional program.  All staff members are expected to participate in staff development programs offered by Birmingham City School District, the Alabama Dept. of Education, as well as other institutions and organizations in and out of the state. 


    All of these factors work cohesively to make Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School viable, thriving, clean,