• Elliott Ashley

    Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

    George Washington Carver


    Name: Elliott O. Ashley, Ed. S.
    Grade: 6th -8th
    Subject: Guidance and Counseling
    Classroom: ALL
    Phone Ext: (205) 231-9400
       The counselor serves grade 6th through 8th via the use of individual counseling, small group counseling, and whole group guidance activities. All activities are in harmony with the Alabama State Department of Education's "State Plan" for School Guidance.
    The three major domains are: 1) Academic Development, 2) Personal/Social Development, and 3) Career Development which are delivered through he following components: 1) Guidance Curriculum, 2) Responsive Services, 3) System Support, and 4) Student Planning.
       In addition, the counselor serves in several other capacities within the school such as but not limited to: Parental Involvement Liaison, Parental Consultant, ACT/Aspire Testing Coordinator, Standardized Test Score Interpreter, Positive Behavior Intervention Support, Honor Roll Programs, and several other programs that are utilized as proactive methods of improving and sustaining a positive school climate conducive to teaching and learning.