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    Every Birmingham City School (BCS) is a Title I school.  All 42 of our schools operate a school-wide Title I program.  In addition, we service several private/non-public schools located in the greater Birmingham metropolitan area.  We receive federal funds to provide equitable services for all BCS zoned students.  These funds are used for teachers, tutors, after-school programs, technology, books, supplies, parent engagement and materials.

    The vision of the office of Federal Programs is to operate as a united, positive, and supportive unit that is knowledgeable about content and devoted to the purpose of serving Birmingham City Schools staff, students, and the community.

    Ms. Cherrye Fincher Parker, Director

    *District or Local Educational Agency (LEA) receives Federal Funds to support student learning, teacher and principal professional development, and parent & family engagement to help students achieve academic success.