Malachi Wilkerson Middle School opened its doors as an elementary school to 634 students in 1957. The uniquely structured multi-split-leveled school housed fifteen classrooms, a gymnasium and a lunchroom. In 1961, nine classrooms and a library were added to the school to accommodate an increase in enrollment due to the closing of a small neighboring school. Wilkerson School served a community of middle and upper class families from approximately 1957-1980. These families exhibited their dedication and commitment concerning the education of their youth.  In the 80’s, a decline of parental support became evident. This decline appeared to be due to population shifts and an aging community.

         In the late 80's it became evident that the student population was no longer from the immediate neighborhood but came from numerous surrounding communities.  In 2004, the Wilkerson campus was relocated to a temporary facility at the old Lincoln Middle School. During a 2 ½ year period, the Wilkerson building was completely renovated, with the addition of a new gymnasium, media center, computer lab, and office suites. The school reopened in October of 2006. The school currently houses a population of approximately 400 students, with 2 administrators, 1 full-time counselor, 1 full-time library media specialist, 2 Special Education teachers, 12 classroom teachers, 1 Family and Consumer Science teacher, and 1 Physical Education teacher.

         During the 32 years since the inception of Wilkerson Elementary School, five principals served the school: Mr. John Norman (1957-1964), Mr. Charles Crowder (1964-1978), and Mr. Clifton E. Howard (1978-1989). As part of the reorganization plan of the Birmingham Public School System, the organizational structure of Wilkerson Elementary School (Grades K-8) was changed to Wilkerson Middle School (Grades 6-8) in 1989. Since the reorganization, eight principals have served the school: Mrs. Anita Skipwith (1989-1997), Mrs. Barbara McDonald (1997-1998), Mrs. Ruby Smith-McClendon (1998-2000), Mr. J.J. Watts, Jr. (2000-2004), Ms. Constance W. Burnes (2004-2014), Ms. Trarsha Maddox (interim 2014-2015), Mrs. Davida H. Johnson (2015-2021), Dr. Bobby Phillips (interim 2021-2022) and currently serving as Principal is Mrs. Jennifer Love-Lott (2022-present).

         The instructional emphasis at Malachi Wilkerson Middle School is developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in mathematics, science, reading and language arts. The use of technology is immersed into every aspect of the daily school program. The Wilkerson Middle School Staff vision is for the school to be seen as the “hub” of the East Thomas neighborhood, where not only children are being prepared for the technological world of the new millennium, but parents and the community at large use the school as a learning center. Our primary focus will be "teaching and learning."