• Nurse Zee & Nurse Davis


    Your child’s health and safety are important to us.School nurses strive to enrich, educate and enlighten our students through providing accessible health care, promoting prevention, and partnering with parents and staff to enable students to perform at their personal best.

    Our School Nurses:

    -Provide direct healthcare for students and staff

    -Provide screenings and referrals for health conditions

    -Promote health and a healthy school environment

    -Serves as a liaison between school personnel, family, the community and healthcare providers

     Our goal is that all children will enjoy optimal health and thus be able to gain the most from their education.


       Image result for illness emoji   ILLNESS/ABSENCES:

    Please contact the school office in the morning if your child is to be absent and inform them why he/she will not be attending. If your child has been ill, he/she should be free of a temperature for 24 hours before returning to school.

    If your child is diagnosed with any of the following communicable diseases please notify the nurse or the main office:  strep throat, chicken pox, impetigo, scabies, and head lice, pink eye and viral/diarrhea illness.

     The exclusion time for each is:

    Strep Throat and Impetigo – 24 hours after initial dose of antibiotic

    Impetigo – When the skin is clear or the student has been under treatment for 24 hours

    Chicken Pox – 7 days or until lesions are crusted over

    Scabies/Ringworm – 24 hours after initial of medication and an MD note

    Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis) – 24 hours after initial dose of medication

    Head Lice – after hair has been treated and nits removed


      Image result for medication emoji MEDICATIONS


    NO child is to take or carry PRESCRIPTION OR OVER THE COUNTER MEDICATIONS to school. If a child, by order of a physician must receive medications in school, state law requires both parent and physician signature prior to administrating medication. Therefore, a prescription label IS NOT acceptable in lieu of an MD’s order. A written order must be obtained.

    Our Medication Authorization Form must be completed and signed by both physician and the parent. This form along with the prescribed medication in its original container must be brought to school by the parent/guardian.


    BCS Child Health Services Link: https://www.bhamcityschools.org/site/Default.aspx?PageID=359