• Hello and welcome to Jones Valley Middle School's website. I am Mr. Hopkins, the principal of this beautiful facility and dynamic institution of learning. We started last school year uncertain of a number of things as we adjusted to new norms and thrust ourselves into the uncharted territory of regular school days amidst a pandemic..

    Yet, even with all of the turmoil and uncertainty that we have experienced this school year, last I checked,we are still here. We are still here and still standing, with yet another opportunity to make things better and improve ourselves, our families, our school,and our community. To that end, let's make sure that we are practicing "safety first" as we all continue to learn how to manuever during this season. This too shall pass, and I want us to be better as a result of it.

    Registration for the 2022-2023 school year is well under way and we want all 530 + students registered and ready to go by August 8, 2022. "Ready Day One!"  Are you committed? Thanks in advance..

  • Milton Hopkins

    Milton Hopkins Jr.