Original School            School's History 

    Booker T. Washington School was built in 1908 on Avenue D and Alfred St. in Titusville. The school opened its doors to its first group of students in 1909 under the principalship of Mr. John Henry Brown. Mr. Brown served as the principal from 1909 – 1945.

    Ten more principals have walked the halls of Washington school and left their legacy. They include Wayman Coppin Matherson, 1945-1965, Benjamin Douglas McGhee, 1965-1968, James Wilbert Pharris, 1968 – 1985, Freddie Douglas Shepard Jr., 1985-1994, Pinnie Hicks Yarbrough, 1989 – 2001, Dr. Sherri Cousin Davis, January –May 2001, Linda Kimbrough, 2001 – 2011, Andrea Wallace, 2011-2013, Damita Pitts 2013-2016, and Antonia Ishman, who currently serves as principal.

    One hundred years after the school's original construction, a new plan was in place to build a new Washington School. In 2009, the new Booker T. Washington School was completed. The two-story building consists of 33 standard classrooms, two special education classrooms (equipped with restrooms and shower facilities), a science lab, and three computer labs.

    Other features include a state-of-the-art media center, a 192-seat cafeteria, a 300-seat gymnasium, and a luxurious administration suite. The administration suite contains a student testing room, a secretarial area, a counselor's office, a social worker's office, a first aid station, three restrooms, a conference area, a break room, a general storage area, a vault, and the principal's office.

    With such an immaculate facility, rich in heritage, and strong guidance from teachers, staff, and administration, the Booker T. Washington School students are bound for SUCCESS!!