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    In accordance with the mission, goals and objectives of A. H. Parker High School, the library is committed to being an integral part of the school and is committed to providing services and resources to support the educational program and ensure that students and the staff community are efficient and effective users of information and ideas.


     Owens LMC


    Mission Statement of A. H. Parker High School


    The mission of A. H. Parker High School, a school with a rich heritage and a noble tradition, is to educate and empower learners with academic, technical and character development skills that will garner success in a challenging, demanding and ever changing global society.  In a motivating, challenging and rewarding atmosphere, committed educators will employ a comprehensive curriculum to prepare all learners.  Special emphasis will be placed upon language, mathematics, science, social studies and reading skills that will enable students to perform successfully on classroom and standardized tests.  Educators will also implore learners to make a commitment to education.