• Located in the western-most portion of the City of Birmingham, Wylam is situated in an urban community and is surrounded by older, single family homes. Wylam Park is within walking distance and has community football and cheerleading teams in which many of the students participate. As 93% of the student population receives free or reduced meals, Wylam K-8 School is classified as a Title I School.


    In November, 2010 Wylam School faculty, staff, and students entered a new, 21st Century educational facility. Due to demographic changes within the City of Birmingham, a reorganization plan for the Birmingham City Schools was developed. The organizational structure of Wylam Elementary School, which serviced students from Pre-Kindergarten to Fifth grade, was changed to Wylam K-7, adding one grade per year until the school became Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade. Through this process Wylam School also absorbed students from the newly closed A.G. Gaston K-8 School, increasing enrollment by more than 200 students. Today Wylam K-8 School services the needs of 464 students. These services are rendered by 27 Highly Qualified teachers and 20 support personnel.

    In addition to the new facility, the past three years have brought many changes to the faculty, staff and students of Wylam K-8 School. With the gradual addition of the middle school grades as well as inheriting students from the closure of the aforementioned neighboring school, the faculty has increased to meet the growing instructional needs. For the 2013-2014 School year, a new principal was appointed, Mr. Jesse Daniel. Principal Daniel brought with him a renewed vision for Wylam K-8 School, including being removed from the Alabama State Department of Education's Failing School's list. After a successful year as Assistant Principal, Ashley Samuels was named principal of Wylam K-8 School for the 2014-2015 school year. Mrs. Samuels will continue the goal of removing the school from the failing school's list and propelling the school into the educational institution it is destined to be.  


    Creating community partnerships is a key component of Wylam K-8 School. To foster this belief, Wylam K-8 School boasts a full-time Family Involvement Coordinator to assist in ensuring that community relations are handled seamlessly. Additionally, Faith Chapel Christian Center has adopted Wylam K-8 School and lends its support in countless ways. From facilitating tutoring through nearby Miles College, to furnishing Wylam's new game room, Faith Chapel Christian Center is a true "Community Partner" of Wylam K-8 School. Also collaborating with WylamK-8 School is our Parent Teacher Association. They facilitate fund raisers and other events to aid in generating additional funds for the school.