• History of the School 

    Eleven years ago, South Hampton was created to provide a specialized learning environment rich in technology. South Hampton School was opened April 21, 1999 and serves approximately 400 students in Pre-K through Fifth Grade.  This year we added a Pre-K class. The school combined students from McCaw and Scott Elementary Schools. The citizens of the South Pratt Community School started McCaw Elementary in 1912 in a vacant church. The South Pratt Community School was later named for Effie J. McCaw who served as the first principal from 1927-1950. Initially, Scott Elementary was organized as Pratt School in 1891. The name was later changed to honor George W. Scott, who was Principal in 1896. To continue the heritage and pride of the Pratt City Community, the gymnasium of South Hampton is named in memory of George W. Scott. The media center is named for Effie J. McCaw. In fall 2013, South Hampton Elementary became South Hampton K-8 School to accommodate students from Daniel Payne Middle School.  Daniel Payne Middle School closed its doors in spring 2013.


    From the beginning, the faculty and staff were committed to preparing the students academically, physically, and socially to meet the challenges of our ever-changing society. Continued infusions of cutting edge technology, such as the wireless lab, the Internet Access Lab, LCD projectors, Promethean boards, and ELMOs enable teachers to implement innovative and flexible strategies in their classrooms to meet the learning needs of all students. South Hampton has placed great emphasis on literacy in Grades K-8 across the content areas. With a reading coach to lead the way, teachers have eagerly accepted the challenges provided through Learning Focused Strategies and College and Career Ready Standards to Close the Achievement Gaps.