• Welcome to South Hampton's Media Center




    Tambra Clark, Library/Media Specialist
    Welcome to the Library of Innovation, where creativity and STEM collide! Our collection contains books, magazines, and multimedia resources to spark curiosity and empower students' designs. Students can also utilize our MacBooks, iPads, iPad Pros, and 3D printers to bring their innovations to life. Create a video against our built-in green screen, develop a mobile app on our tablets, or print a prototype with our advanced 3D printer. Our online catalog integrates ebooks, datasets, CAD software, and more for anytime access to emerging technologies. Students can work on projects in our collaboration stations with flat screen monitors or join an after-school coding club. At the Library of Innovation, we believe every student has the capacity to change the world through STEM. Our materials, cutting-edge technology, programs, and mentors are here to help their visions become reality. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can invent next using the invaluable resources within these walls. The future starts here – welcome!