The mission of Princeton School, the pinnacle of academic, social and physical excellence, is to foster respectful, responsible, resourceful, self-motivated communicators to be productive contributors in a global society, by modeling, guiding, and challenging all students to achieve their maximum potential.



    1.      Children are the first priority of our society.
    2.      Family is the fundamental foundation of learning and learning is a lifelong process.
    3.      All children can learn.
    4.      A challenging, safe environment should be provided for every child.
    5.      All persons, young and old, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect as a unique individual.
    6.      Everyone has the potential to be successful.
    7.      Attitude affects all aspects of life; social development is as important as academic achievement.
    8.      We should all be accountable for our own actions.
    9.      We are committed to ongoing improvement to enable our students to reach their potential.
    10.  “WE CAN AND WE WILL” achieve our goals.