•   has been our partners for over 13 years! Thank you!!
    Rising West-Princeton Neighborhood Association~ This organization provides support in a couple of ways, such as human resources by volunteering when we ask for assistance on special projects and monetarily to acquire academic assistance.
    WTTO, CW21~ This local television station has been a faithful partner for more than 18 years. They support our Black history "Who Am I" Essay Initiative by judging written reports of Black American leaders that have made positive impact in our nation and allowing the winners to present a "Black History Moment" in February for their viewers.
    Better Basics M.O.R.E.:       Motivators of Reading Enrichment has strengthened our students for almost 13 years.
    Better Basics: provide exposure to school-wide assemblies and special reading programs for
                           Grade 2. 
    Discovery Club: provides an extracurricular program opportunity for students of selected grades.
    Boy & Girl Scouts of America: enhances students' leadership skills
    Alabama School of Fine Arts Writing Department: has served our 5th Graders to guide their
                          growth as writers.