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    Leaders of today make choices that impact our destinies!!!


    Princeton family, partners, and friends, I am continually amazed at what we accomplish as we live out our Princeton vision, core values, and goals. Everyday I watch us practice the 7 Habits of Stephen Covey and see the positive results of our practice.

    Our core goal of teaching and learning is evident each day.
    ~ Attendance is the 1st key: Our Local Indicator Goal is to decrease the number of student tardies significantly.  
    ~ Instructional and Learning Time Protection: PAES partners to protect instructional and learning time. All conferences and class visits are pre-scheduled through the collaborative planning and communication of the home (parents/guardians) and school.
    ~ Academic Focus: Based on student data results, the targeted focus on writing, reading, and math is showing improvement.
    To reach the desired goals, each student is strongly encouraged to:
    1. Read a minimum of 20 minutes a day;
    2. Complete homework for practice on learning goals and review of each day's lessons;
    3. Daily practice grade level skills by using the assigned technology websites: Stride Academy, Gizmo, and/or Starfall. 
    This year's (PBIS) Positive Behavior Intervention Support Plan, referred to as L. E. A. D. is also framing our approach to academic and behavior success. (Please check with your teacher)
    As we gain momentum in fulfilling the Princeton vision and mission, we move forward with new fervor, laser-focus, passion, commitment, and consistency to live out the transformational leadership lifestyles found in the Leader in Me concepts.
    All of us at Princeton, students and adults, are called to positively impact our environments through our academic, social, and physical growth. 

    Let’s continue to empower and encourage one another to be leaders that lead our own personal growth through choosing to allow change to start this very moment as we continuously develop our “whole person” from the inside out. 

    Always remember to implement these few principles:

    1. Each day is a new day to begin the journey with a clean slate, for yourself and others.
    2. Failures are not designed to stop us, but to propel us to greater learning and opportunities.
    3. We are leaders with daily choices that influence our destinies and the destinies of those we meet. We will make choices that make history, so we will choose well!

    Live life knowing that:

    - you have a choice in your response to whatever situation you find yourself;
    - you may not control what happens but you can control your response to what happens that will determine your future;
    - you have the solution to someone’s problem; and 
    - you are valued by the PAES family! 

    PAES works as a dynamic TEAM~ 

    Together we continue to accomplish much through humility, kindness, respect, high expectations, and tenacity.

    Remember, you are "the Best in the West, the Pearl of the World, and the Pride of the Principal"!

    Cynthia Ward

    Learning Leader and Principal