• R. C. Hemphill Elementary School encourages a quality and rigorous curriculum. The teachers have high expectations and implement a curriculum that is engaging, purposeful, research-based and aligned with the local, state (Alabama Course of Study) and national standards. We are proud of several programs and initiatives.
    • R.C.Hemphill Elementary school is the first school in Birmingham to be certified as an official Outdoor Classroom site through the Alabama Outdoor Classroom Program. We are serve as a model for other schools across the state who would like to develop an outdoor classroom on their school grounds for hands-on-learning opportunities. The purpose of the outdoor classroom is to incorporate an area in our school that student and teachers would engage in effective instructional strategies while interacting within a learning environment that promotes process and application skills. These strategies would provide instruction in science that relate to the conceptual framework in the Alabama Course of Study and the Big ideas in the Science curriculum.
    •  There are several different components and learning stations in the Outdoor Classroom. These components are divided into themes. One station that is used by multiple grade levels is the George Washington carver Garden. In this area, students grow cotton, peanuts, and potatoes. This lesson may involve classifying plants according to physical traits, and the products developed from the plants. Some of the raised bed gardens are used to study vermin culture, worms, and decomposers; the life cycle of butterflies;and other topic related to the environment. Students also have an opportunity to study wildlife and view nature up-close in addition to what they learn from textbooks and other resources.
    • State of the art Science Lab provides an excellent opportunity for hands on experience for all students. The lab is where teachers integrate technology into the science program. Incorporating technology into the teaching of science is a great way for our students to form an accurate view of nature and to gain a better understanding of the interrelationship of science and technology.

                     2009 - 2010 CLAS Banner Award                                           

                     2008 - Urban Garden Award from Keep Birmingham Beautiful Commission
                     2007- 08 National Center for Urban School Transformation Honor Roll
                     2006 - 07 Torchbearer School
                      2001- 02 National Title I Distinguished School