The ASA youth program is among the nation's largest youth sports organization. Over 80,000 teams, 1.3 million players and 300,000 coaches participate in ASA youth softball on an annual basis. It is the single fastest growing program in the ASA, and has had membership growth every year since its inception in 1974.


    Softball in the Birmingham City School district is one of the fastest growing sports offered to young girls.  I am pleased to share the positive things that are going on in our program.  Ossie Ware Mitchell Softball Program has been one of the leading programs in Birmingham City Schools District.  We have won the Birmingham City School Championship as well as several placed teams in the top 5. We are proud of the young ladies who have come through our program and excelled in high school competition.


    Here at Ossie Ware Mitchell we provide recreational and competitive opportunities for girls fast pitch softball. Our goal is to help aspiring softball athletes learn a sport they can enjoy for a lifetime in a positive, safe and supportive environment.


    If you are interested in playing softball for Ossie Ware Mitchell, see Coach Gainer!  And LETS PLAY BALL!


    2014 Season

    Jan. 5--Throwing Only
    Jan. 26--First Practice
    Feb. 16--First Contest

    Apr. 24--Last Day Of Season

    Contests Allowed: 14 Games
           Plus 5 Tournaments